The Vision

The vision of Your Path Yoga is to honor each individual's path. We all have something beautiful to offer. Yoga is a wonderful way to develop balance, strength and flexibility of body, mind and breath. As we develop these qualities we are more able to share and offer our unique gifts for the good of all beings. Your Path Yoga helps students to cultivate these positive qualities.

Life can be complicated. My vision is to bring yoga to you in hopes of helping you create mindfulness and peace in your personal space. I have all the props and supplies needed to help support you in your practice and can lead an individualized class to meet your specific needs session by session.

Home practices can be taught one on one or in small groups. Or I can get you set up and you can follow pre-recorded lessons. I also hold group classes at a local studio. See schedule page for details.

"Where do you end up if you follow your bliss?......BLISS" Joseph Campbell